Tax, Estate, & Gift Controversy

Person doing calulations with a paper home in the foregroundFederal and state audits are stressful and time consuming. Estate tax audits can feel especially burdensome and overwhelming as they usually involve the estate of a loved one. The IRS’ review of estate and gift tax returns differs significantly from its review of income tax returns. While income tax returns are initially analyzed using computer scoring methodology and may never be reviewed by a person, all estate and gift tax returns are reviewed by an actual person, usually an attorney, who determines whether the return appears in order or should be audited. Our firm believe every person is entitled to his/her own attorney, too.

Our approach to every situation, planning or tax return, is to treat every case as though it may become the target of an audit. Often disagreements with the IRS occur during an audit. In such cases, it is important to know one’s rights. Just because the IRS takes a certain position does not mean it is the correct position. An understanding of one’s rights, the strength and weaknesses of a particular position taken by the IRS, and common IRS negotiation strategies, allows for a more informed response to an audit. Our firm is here to provide that informed response.

Working with the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is a similar and equally uncomfortable situation for the taxpayer. Out firm is equally prepared to represent our clients against the FTB and against all appeals and proceedings as with the IRS.